Robin was wary of strangers, and in particular, did not like to be touched by people she did not know. As you might imagine, this presented some difficulties for doctors in attempting to examine her. However, if family members were present, she would be calmer. Being in a strange environment around strange people would make her very anxious, agitated and scared.

Both Sherry and I had visited doctors' offices with Robin on multiple occasions and we had always managed to calm Robin to the point where the taking of blood samples and other such tests could be performed with ease.

Three sisters: Sherry, Robin and me.
Robin lets Sherry put on her shoes for her.

An example of this occurred in October 2011, when Robin's sight was deteriorating. I contacted North Middlesex Hospital, where she had been seen previously for similar problems.

In order to have her eye properly examined the doctor advised sedation. I explained to Robin that she would be going to sleep for a while and she allowed the doctor to give her an anaesthetic without any fuss. As a result, we got a clear diagnosis: Robin had developed a cataract in her right eye.