Robin and Karen at a Pizza restaurant
Robin and I clinking classes at a Pizza restaurant.
Sherry and Robin after a shopping trip
Enjoying a mug of tea with Sherry after a shopping trip.
Karen and Robin on Robin's Birthday
Cake and Bubbly: Robin's Birthday.

My mother passed away in 1996, and my father in 2002. At that time, my older sister Sherry and I took over the responsibility of keeping Robin happy and safe.

I insisted on being involved in every aspect of Robin's care from that time onwards. Robin's care was taken over by the Local Authority after our father's death. I attended all the social services meetings and all the update meetings at the care home.

I also visited Robin as often as I could, as did our sister Sherry who lives in Italy. Robin loved eating out, and shopping for new outfits. We would take her out for a burger and fries, or sometimes a pizza.

She also loved parties. Every February we would have a birthday party for her, complete with a personalised cake and a drop of champagne. Robin particularly enjoyed clinking her glass with everyone around the table.