Teenage Robin with her mother
Robin with our mother.

My family were extremely protective of Robin throughout her life, my mother most of all. Her efforts on Robin's behalf were unceasing. Robin required full time care and supervision to which my mother devoted her life.

Society at the time was not as sympathetic to the learning-disabled, and my mother was terrified that Robin would be abused. In particular, Robin had very limited contact with men, especially strangers. She was never went without a chaperone and Robin learned not to go near men she didn't know.

Robin's Special Olympics Ribbon
Robin's Special Olympics Ribbon for finishing 2nd in her category.

Nevertheless, Robin did have an education. She attended a special school for children with learning disabilities and during that time she even took part in the Kennedy Special Olympics with her school-friends.

Robin and her parents moved to the UK in 1984. They moved into a house just down the road from me, and I would see them most days.